Benefits of Link Building Strategies

Link building supports your online marketing campaigns and has many other benefits as well

1. Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is the personality of your business. It’s what a customer would look at and immediately recognize your product or services. If you have been building links for a while, it’s possible that you already appear on the top pages. 

By appearing at the top, you own a personality that dictates trust and value to your customers. With consistent link building efforts, you will start receiving titles like “popular” or “trending” on your list.

What this means is that your impact is already being felt and your awareness campaigns are already creating an impact. And with consistent link building campaigns, your personality will build trust, attract a large following, and eventually increase your revenues

2. Builds Credibility

One of the top-ranking factors in Google is links. By appearing on top of Search Engine Results Pages(SERPs), Google takes this to indicate that you offer value. Appearing on top pages further builds your credibility with potential customers.

If let’s say, a customer goes through a high authority website and finds your links in them, they’ll deem you as an authority brand. This builds their confidence in visiting your pages and checking out your products. If all goes well, the credibility factor will prompt them to interact with your products and return for more

3. Boosts Online Visibility

Your position on SERPs determines the number of clicks you get. Based on research, it is estimated that up to 28.5% of the total clicks go to the number one position on SERP.

This means that for every effort you put into creating useful links, you stand a better chance of closing in on the first position and getting a third of the clicks

4. Increases Referral Traffic

If a high-traffic site links back to you, it’s more likely that a part of their visitors will visit your site too. This is because the trust they place on the top website is also placed on you since you appear on their pages. 

In a nutshell, the traffic you get from these sites is what we call referral traffic, and it’s one of the many advantages you’ll enjoy with backlinks.

5. Raises Your SEO Scores and Site Metric

It’s impossible to talk about link building without mentioning SEO. This is because SEO and link building work together to deliver long-term success for your online business.

If your SEO and link building strategies are up to par with industry standards, this improves your site scores, pushes you higher on SERPs, and helps you maintain your position.

6. Improves Trust Score

Trust is earned, and for website visitors to trust you enough and interact on your pages, they need proof that you are as good as you say you are. With link building, you can push your brand to become a name in the industry.

By appearing on authority sites and pages, you prove your expertise in the products and services you deliver. With time, you will be a household name and a globally recognized brand.

7. Gets Your Page Indexed Fast by Increasing Your Crawl Rate

Want to get your page indexed fast? Well, it’s time to acquire good links. With various websites linking back to you, Google considers your page to be genuine. A good reputation will prompt Google to index your pages first and faster thus improving your pages’ performance.

8. Supports Google Ranking Criteria

A ranking criterion that’s supported by Google is definitely a friend to the crawlers. And as a top-ranking criterion, links will boost your online growth. Getting to top positions – through link building – is the award you get for constant delivery of valuable content

Wrapping Up

The significant benefit of link building is that it positions your pages at the top of search engines. This top spot invites more traffic, better leads, and improved conversions. By having pages that are worth linking to, you build a good reputation and increase revenue in your business.

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